Welcome To Mai Ragnarok Online Game

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Welcome To Mai Ragnarok Online Game

Post by GM Verdandi on Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:11 pm

Welcome to MaiRO. MaiRO is a Low-rate server with transcendent class and no third class available only but the sprite. The server is keeping the original game play but with a custom implementation to keep the game lively and of course boredom free. The server rate will be 10/10/5, a gateway where you can level up fast but with low drop rate as to ensure balance play.

You are invited to test play, and reside and stay if you see it fits as we will bring you the best Ragnarok Online experience. We have custom items for headgears, weapons and cards as well as quests. You wanna be the best on the server, you will work for it from ground zero. No pain, no gain, no short cut. Event will be held every week and win awesome prizes. Join our forum as to share your thoughts and give out a suggestion so that we can expand and enhance your adventures in the world of Ragnarok Online on MaiRO.

What are you waiting for? Let your adventure begin!! Click here!
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