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Event Rules

Post by GM Verdandi on Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:11 am


Events are "games" held usually by GMs that are directed at providing a unique fun experience breaking away from normal game play. These games appear in various forms and while providing fun, they are also a chance for players to win Event Points, redeemable at the Event NPC in Prontera (139, 225)[soon to be implemented] for Event Items (Note: Some items are account restricted). Events come in various forms ranging from luck-based to PvP. Though many events are aimed at making the chances of winning fair, there are events that favor higher leveled and better equiped players. It is always asked that patience, respect, and cooperation are always upheld for players, event holders, and other present people. Please show common courtesy.


All General Rules still apply: Events are no exception to normally enforced rules (ie Harassment, spamming, profanity, etc.) and repercussions are the same.

Advertising: For the efficiency of the event it is asked that player refrain from advertising their own commodities. This includes making shops.

Multiple-clienting: Unless specifically permitted by authoritative figures (Admin or GM) multiple clienting (logging more than 1 character) at an event is prohibitted as it skews the chances in luck based events.

Skill Use: Excluding PvP events, keep skill use to a minimal (skill spamming is not permitted normally anyways) with the exception of authoritative permission (Admin or GM) for the purpose of the event. If the event does not require you to use skills, please don't. Its highly obstructive.

*For example:
Hiding/Cloaking/Chase Walking: This is a waste of time as hidden characters can be seen anyways. Don't do it.

Ressurection: Players killed by event holders should remain dead. Unless allowed do NOT ressurect dead players.

Ice Wall: Don't block people unless it's allowed.
And other obstructive skills: Don't test your luck. Please just try to be cooperative.

Win Restriction: The number of times a player can win an event hosted at that one instance is only once. This allows for more winners. You are allowed to win other events at other times.

Consequences to breaking rules will result in removal, muting, jail time, or even banishment of an account. The punishment is decided similar to normal punishments.
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