MVP Rules to avoid grief playing

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MVP Rules to avoid grief playing

Post by GM Verdandi on Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:07 am

To avoid player misconduct all around, MVP rules are being implemented on MaiRO, and they are not being put to a vote or up for discussion. The original goal was for people to agree with one another about what they would like to see and move forward. Unfortunately, it quickly turned into a guild vs guild debate that had little budging and almost no comprehensive effort to decide community approved rules. That being said, the rules will be as follows:

MvPs are, and have always been free for all. This means that they are allowed to be killed by anyone. Please note that this does not mean you are allowed to attack an MVP or do anything you want to an MVP. Simply put, the rules exist for players who are going to be killing the MVP, or have a party capable of killing it. If you can't kill an MVP, or lack the number of people you need to do it, then don't get involved, at all, period.

If you do not have a party capable of killing an MVP, and you begin to stall by forcing it to teleport, or heal, or cause any other type of buff or debuff, you will be subject to punishment. Arguing the veracity of a GMs opinion is not going to be tolerated. If something you are doing is questionable, then don't do it. Rationalizations and general lack of understanding on a players part will only increase the duration or severity of a punishment. Grandstanding in Main, the forums, or anywhere else will also not be tolerated. Rules are here to be enforced, not to be debated whenever its convenient.

General MVP Rules


  • You are not allowed to heal an MVP at all, in any way for any reason. This is a general rule and applies to all monsters and MVPs alike. Don't interfere with another party or attempt to "steal" the MVP by forcing it to heal. It's harassment, not competition. Don't confuse the two.


  • You are not allowed to buff an MVP for any reason, its the same as healing. There isn't a good reason to do it, unless your intent is to impede or disable another party. In other words, again, it's harassment, not competition.

Pneuma and Safety Wall

  • You are responsible for your own spells. If your Pneuma or Safety Wall is not protecting yourself, or another person, then you have no reason to cast it. This includes preventing other players from attacking the MVP, either by blocking their physical or ranged attacks. No, you may not pneuma Amon Ra, and no, you may not safety wall GTB. If you can't beat the other player or party without preventing them from doing their job, bring a different character.


  • You may not use icewall to prevent someone from killing an MVP, or to prevent them from fleeing from an MVP. If the Icewall isn't being used for some type of tanking or teleporting purpose, you may not use it.

Land Protector

  • You may not use Land Protector under an MVP in order to prevent another player or parties AoEs from hitting it. LP is allowed to be used on your own party if you require it for something, but if an MVP just so happens to walk on it, it is your responsibility to move the LP. You are only allowed to use LP under an MVP if you are also in conjunction using a character to tank it. If the tank dies, you are responsible for (re)moving the LP.


  • You are not to humiliate or attempt to flame other players for failing to get an MVP, or for beating you to it. This is a clean game and there is no reason to insult someone for either besting you, or failing to do so. If someone has broken a rule, and you think they should be punished, take a screenshot, explain your story, and post a report. There is nothing to gain by calling them names or insulting them in Main.


  • You are not allowed to do anything to another player that causes any type of debuff, or removal of a current buff. This includes casting lower levels of Blessing, Agility, KE, Assumptio, etc etc. Just don't interfere with other players unless they specifically request you to do so.

Mob Dropping

  • This is a simple rule, don't drop monsters on another player or party in order to prevent them from killing or attempting to kill an MVP.


  • If you are going to file a report about an infraction of MVP rules, you must first request the player breaking the rules to stop. Make sure you include their name, and an explanation for what they are doing. "Random Person, please stop using Safety Wall on the MVP". After you have made the request, take a screenshot if they continue to break the rules. In your report, be sure to explain in detail what happened. If your report does not contain the screenshot requesting the player to stop, it will be denied completely.

  • Disclaimer: If you have been reported for infringing MVP rules before, or have reported someone for doing the same, you will be held to a higher standard and treated as a repeat offender. DO NOT report someone unless you are willing to admit with complete disclosure that you do no such things. In other words, if you make a report, and later you are found to be doing the same, or similar, your punishment will be doubled. Reports are not about getting people in trouble, they are about maintaining fairness and peace between parties. This isn't going to turn into a "he said she said" situation. If reports are filed between two parties, and they both make a case against one another, they're both getting punished. There is no misunderstanding with these rules, you either follow them or you choose not to, and face the consequences.

  • Exception: Ktullanux and Thanatos and MVPs from Bloody Branches are exempt from the FFA rule. The Person that summons these MVPs is the owner of the MVP and no others have a right to attack it without their permission. In the case of arriving at these mvps to find no party at them, after 5 minutes have passed the original party gives up its summoning rights and the mvp becomes free for all to anyone.
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